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What is ForexRobotPlus?
ForexRobotPlus is a free online service that automatically can trade forex/cfd directly on your broker account. You do not need to download anything or even be online when trading. Everything is running from our secure datacenter that are connected directly to all available brokers.
How much does it cost to use the Forex Robot Plus ?
ForexRobotPlus is free of charge. When you signup we will provide you with a broker account from one of our trusted brokers.
How do I withdraw my earnings?
You can withdraw at anytime by accessing your broker account. ForexRobotPlus are not handling deposits or withdraws, this is handled by the broker you have chosen. Go to the brokers website and login to your account, to start the withdrawal process.
What is the recommended deposit amount?
We recommend a minimum deposit between 500 and 1.000 usd. However, you can start with any amount you like. The minimum deposit amount varies among brokers.
Can I use my existing broker account with ForexRobotPlus?
No, only broker accounts that are created from ForexRobotPlus can be used. We are integrated with many different brokers, so it should be easy to find someone that fits you.
How do I begin trading?
First you must sign up for the free auto trading service.
Next you will be giving an account at a broker and you can either use that account or select a different broker from your personal dashboard.
Finally you must make a deposit with the broker to active the trading.
Does the robot software work with multiple brokers?
Yes it does, you can open multiple accounts directly from the overview page.
Having more broker accounts connected, allows you to run different strategies by having different settings on each broker account.
Please note that the number of brokers available depends on your country.
How do I verify my broker account?
Go to the broker´s website and login on your account or use the "deposit" button found on your robot dashboard that will take you directly to the broker account.
When logged in you need to find the "verify account" option and send all required documents. The confirmation could take a few days, depending on the broker.
How long does it take to make a withdrawal?
The withdrawal process are different from broker to broker but usually it takes from 4 to 7 days.
If you have questions about the withdrawal process, we recommend you to contact the support team of the broker.
Does this robot work worldwide?
Yes, we work worldwide.
How can I delete my account?
Please contact support for assistance on deleting your account. You can contact them via the Contact page or the online chat.
If I deposit 250$, what is the daily profit?
We cannot predict your profit. It depends on serval things, like the market flow, your configuration, risk level, etc.
Can I request a call from ForexRobotPlus?
At the moment we only offer support via e-mails or live chat.
I have made the deposit at the broker, why I do not see it at the ForexRobotPlus website?
Sometimes it takes time for the brokers to verify the deposit. After the verification, your deposit will appear on your dashboard. Please note that for some brokers it can take up to 1 or 2 days.
Can I see how this robot trades in live?
After you are logged in you can see the signals received and the signals traded under “Trades” and “Signals”.
If I deposit a big amount, will I get a bigger profit?
A bigger deposit allows you to have bigger trades and potential bigger profit. You can also open multiple broker accounts that allows you to trade with different settings and get more signals.
Can I lose all my money?
There is always a risk in investing money. We suggest all our users not to risk more than they can afford to lose.
What is Leverage ?
Leverage is having the ability to control a large amount of money using none or very little of your own money and borrowing the rest. Example: If the broker leverage is 100:1 and $1000 is used from your account, you now control $100,000. If you earn a 1% gain, the profit is $1000. Having leverage of 1:1 with $1000 is only $1.00. Now you can see the advantage of leverage. But be careful! Leverage can go against you as quickly as favorably.
What is ”Investment / Stop loss“ and “Take Profit” ?
"Investment / Stop loss" is your way of controlling how much you want to invest in each trade, aswell as limiting the loss you can have on a trade. "Take profit" ranges from 25% to 250% depending on the asset. If you want small but more secure wins, you should go for the lower half the take profit otpions on an asset. If you can tolerate a higher risk, but also the chacne of bigger profit, you should consider the higher half of the take profit options for the assets.
How does the trading work?
When trading with ForexRobotPlus you control the trading settings from your personal dashboard.
You pick the leverage you wish to trade with, how much you want to invest into each trade and the maximum take profit amount.
When the signal provider sends a signal to ForexRobotPlus they also include a take profit.
If the take profit provided by the signal provider do not match your setting for the traded asset, ForexRobotPlus will always use the lowest take profit of the two. The reason for this is that if the signal provider don’t believe a trade will reach a certain rate, he can set a lower take profit, to increase your chance of profiting on the trade."

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